Preprint Policy

  • Preprints are the author's revised version of a research paper that is posted on a public server before it undergoes official peer review at a journal. Preprints of main research publications should be posted on preprint servers, authors'websites, or institutional websites, according to journals. Throughout the peer-review process, preprints may be posted at any moment. Preprint posting is not taken into account prior to publication and will not have an impact on consideration at this journal. However, it is important to note that preprints may still be visible to reviewers and editors during the peer-review process. Therefore, authors should ensure that any preprints posted are clearly marked as such to avoid confusion.
  • When uploading to a preprint server, authors should keep their ownership of the copyright for their work rather than assigning it throughout the preprint process. Submissions with the CC-BY (NC/NC-ND) licence will be taken into account by journals for publication.
  • When submitting their work to this journal, authors should provide information about preprint uploading, such as the DOI and the terms of the licencing agreement. The preprint record must be updated with a publication reference, which includes the DOI and a URL link to the article's published version on the journal website, as soon as it is published. This is the author's obligation.