Review Process

We have a very well-versed team of editors and a peer-review panel of experts. The article submitted by the author is sent to the editor, followed by the peer reviews. The editors ensure the article is validity, quality, structure, and overall intellectualcontent of it. Its the editor’s role in identifying and making thedecision about the possibilities such as whether to accept, reject,format, modify or send back to the author to revise or transfer the file for the peer review process. Our editors are responsible for upholding the journal is mission and scope by selecting papers that make new, original, and significant contributions to the author is knowledge. We guide our authors by all means in this field of study and make sure that every opportunity is utilized in order to bring their articles into the psychosocial journals.

Our peer reviewers see that the article received is maintained and developed according to our journal standards and at the same time, they will check for the originality & authenticity of the article content. They are responsible to make recommendations and suggestions if any to the author about their article's content, structure, and authenticity.

Our process overview may be enlisted as below:

Identify the article

Our esteemed peer-review panel will check the eligibility of the article by reviewing the content of the article submitted for its authenticity, originality, and truthfulness of the information provided and see that the research paper meets the IJPR standards. Our peers also ensure that the manuscripts received for the article publication are new research findings with high-quality content.

Cross-check the article pattern

Our Editors should ensure that the editing is completed on a timely basis after correcting any erroneous factors in the article and that the author receives constructive feedback on the submitted article papers. We ensure that the article content is heading in the right direction and meets the requirements and standards of our journal requirements.

Psychosocial journal standards

We provide the author with strategies, rules, and techniques for the article submission process, and we are responsible for whichever minor intricacies or discrepancies that may arise during the article submission process.

Organize Virtual Meetings

We regularly organize video conferences and meetings based on group as well as individual oriented. By inviting potential contributors to consider submitting papers to the publication agency, we discuss the purpose and value of the journals. The editor will determine which indexes should include the article in the target journals.

Protecting Confidentiality of the Article

We provide the author with a clear set of guidelines for preparing and submitting his manuscripts. We review the received article to ensure that it meets our journal's standards and guidelines. Our panel of experts protects the confidentiality of the author's work from other authors while also ensuring that there is no authorship conflict.

Article’s decision

Our editorial and peer-review board of experts will come to a conclusion on whether to accept, reject or revise the manuscript submitted by the author. They also assist the authors in bringing new ideas in the development of the research article with more stable and proof-driven findings that are supportive of the established research.

When it comes to decision-making, editors will perform their methodology and decide whether or not to advance with the research article. And we advise the authors for any content development that needs to be done for achieving Psychosocial journal standards.

We provide our authors with our end-to-end psychosocial and its rehabilitation practices that cover a wide variety of subjects related to this field of study. We understand the importance of the incoming article and process them with all of the above steps and notify them about the next step in the publication process after they pay the initial advance fee.