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Volume 22
January 2019 - December 2019
This private NON-PROFIT professional publication and associated web-based, information archive service is dedicated to the enhancement of practice, program development, program evaluation and innovations in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs worldwide.  Its goal is to provide a public forum for practitioners, consumers and researchers to address the multiple service needs of patients and families and help determine what works, for whom under a variety of circumstances.

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Volume 23
Number 1

Social Determinants of Mental Health in Organizations
Montoya Hurtado Olga lucia & Martinez Patino Karent Valentina

Teaching "Personal Recovery" to Mental Health Professionals through
a Short and Structured Training Programme? A possible challenge

Laura Giusti & Donatella Ussorio & Anna Salza & Massimo Casacchia & Rita Roncone

The Effects of Professional Experiences on Recovery Knowledge and Expectations amongst
Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Providers

Leonardo J Caraballo & Jason D Netland

The Offender and Offense Characteristics of Brunei Youth and Adult Inmates – Brief
Descriptive Case Study of One Prison

Lawrence Mundia

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy combined with Mindfulness for a case of severe sleep bruxism and social
anxiety in an elderly woman: A single case study for 6-month follow-up

Ricardo Silva dos Santos & Camila Tarif Ferreira Folquitto & Antonio de Pádua Serafim

Effect of job satisfaction on employee productivity in selected
manufacturing companies in Oyo state, Nigeria

Foluso Philip Adekanmbi & Wilfred I Ukpere & Steve O Adegoke

Influence of perceived remuneration and performance self-appraisal on work
motivation among bank employees in Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria

Foluso Philip Adekanmbi & Wilfred I Ukpere & Steve O Adegoke

Peruvian Scientific Production on Mental Health in Scopus, 2010-2018
Yolvi Ocaña-Fernández & Isabel Menacho Vargas & Luis Núñez Lira & Flor de María Sánchez Aguirre
Rafael Garay-Argandoña & Ronald M. Hernández & Karel Llopiz Guerra

Latin American Participation in the Scientific Production on Eating Disorders in Scopus (2015-2018)
Ronald M Hernández & Yolvi Ocaña-Fernández & Doris Elida Fuster Guillén & Edgar Froilan Damian NÚñez & Miguel Gerardo Inga Arias
Eduardo Ernesto Durand HipÓlito & Juan José Flores-Cueto & Rafael Garay-Argandoña

Volume 22
Number 2

Contextual Model on Clinical Hypnotherapy for a Client with Chronic
Schizophrenia in Hong Kong

Lau & Chu

Augmented individual placement and support for people with serious mental illness:
the results of a pilot study in Belgium

Knapen, Myszta & Morien

Prevalence of Learning Disability and Emotional Problems among Children:
An Overview of Emotion and Creativity Focused Interventions
Kuriyan, Reddy & James

A Quantitative Study on Subjects with Pathological Dependence:
A Comparison Between Two Different Rehabilitation Models

Mannino, Milotta & Minuto

Spiritual Practices in The Era of Smartphones & Social Networking:
A Comparative Study

Monterosso, Kumar & Zala

Supported Education: A Scoping Review
Davids-Brumer & Kirsh

Improvement of Psychiatric Symptoms by Cardiac Rehabilitation in
Coronary Heart Disease

Shafti & Ahmadie

The de Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale used with Norwegian clubhouse
 members: Psychometric properties and associated factors
Bonsaksen, Opseth, Misund, Geirdal, Fekete, Mordli

The Role of Peer Support in Effective Systems of Health Care
Anthony J Alberta & Richard Ploski

SHARC Self-Assessment of Relational Skills (SSARS) Learning to relate well: Developing
a self-assessment tool for residents of an Alcohol and Other Drug rehabilitation service
Bella Anderson & Mark Furlong

Self-experience from addiction to recovery: a qualitative study
Paraskevi Karakoula & Sofia Triliva

Development of Transitional Training Package for Active Employment in Schizophrenia
Hanif Farhan Mohd Rasdi, Muhammad Zairul Rezal Zainol Abidin, Masne Kadar, Farahiyah Wan Yunus

Influence of leadership styles on workplace deviant
behaviours in the Nigerian Banking Industry

Foluso Philip Adekanmbi & Wilfred I Ukpere

Psychological contract breach and employees' demographic factors as predictors
of workplace deviant behaviours in the Nigerian Banking Industry

Foluso Philip Adekanmbi & Wilfred I Ukpere

Number 1

The Step-Down Challenge -  Service User perspectives on the realities
of moving-on in residential care
Daly, Arnavut & Bohorun

Teaching CBT to Pre-Registration nurses: A critical account of a teaching session
 to pre-registration mental health nurses on the subject of

cognitive behavioural  therapy and trauma

Role of Family in Addictive Disorders
Matthew, Regmi & Lama

Recovery - Oriented Care for Older People: Staff Attitudes and Practices

User satisfaction and its associated factors among members
of a Norwegian clubhouse for persons with mental illness

Ritter, Nordli, Fekete & Bonsaksen

From the Discipline of Law, a Frontier for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Transforming Group Treatment in Acute Psychiatry: The CPA Model
Bornmann & Jagatic

Psychosocial factors associated with repeated hospitalisation in men
with alcohol dependence: A hospital based cross sectional study
Kurian, Christoday & Uvais

Perception of nursing care for dependents rehabilitation of
psychoactive substances in the light of social learning
Victoria, Yolanda & Mayela

Psychosocial Adaptation of International Students: Advanced Screening

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors related to Recovery Process in People with Schizophrenia
Fernandez, Kit-Aun, Masiran & Abdul Rahim

Volume 21
Number 2

 Need for care to caregivers: Psychological distress and its socio-demographic
correlates among the relatives of persons with mental illness

Pathak & Mathew

Behavioral Problems Perceived by the Alcoholic and His Family
A Study among Males in Rural Areas

Srinath & Sendilvelan

Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a Case with
Co-morbidity of Depression and General Anxiety Disorder in Hong Kong
A Single Case Study


Determinates of mental illness severity

Parents with Serious Mental Illness Served by Peer Support Specialists
Weston, Martin, Shippen, Kraska & Curtis

Warmth and Challenge as Common Factors among Eastern and Western
Counselors? Buddhist Lamas’ Responses to Western Questionnaires

Elsass, Rønnestad, Jensen & Orlinsky

Disability In Schizophrenia and Bipolar Affective Disorder

Karthick, Basudeb & Mathew

Perceptions of a Norwegian clubhouse among its members:
A psychometric evaluation of a user satisfaction tool

Uhrmann, Nordli, Fekete & Bonsaksen

Influence of Behavioral Counseling Techniques, Token Economy and Parent’s
Parenting Class of Behaviour Prosocial X Syamsulhude Tegallinggah


Prevalence, demographic, clinical features and its association of comorbid
depressive symptoms in patients with schizophrenia

Sari , Dwidiyanti, Wijayanti & Sarjana

Number 1

Improving Psychological Outcomes for North Korean Refugees: A Research Agenda


Achieving Restraint Reduction in a State Psychiatric Hospital: A Lean Six Sigma Project
Kinter & Uhll

Predictions and experiences regarding the implementation of the Smoke Free
Initiative on a specialist NHS locked Rehabilitation Unit

Cox & Nithsdale

Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency in patients on a Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit
Yahya, Allin & Chukwama

The Effects of Emotional vs. Logical Anti-Smoking Advertisements on Smoking
Discouragement, Depression and Self-Esteem

Wilson, Kim, Raudenbush, Kreps & Kim

Mislabeling Absolute Neurological Illnesses as Conversion Disorder

What’s in a name: “Serious”, “Severe”, and Persistent Mental Illness

Place of cognitive remedition thearpy in the management of autism spectrum Disorder
Hajril, Abbes, Yahia, Boudali, Hamza, Bouden, Mrabet, & Amado

Efficacy of occupational therapy with supportive techniques on Social and
Occupational Functioning among person with schizophrenia

Singh, Sweta, & Kiran

Relationships Between Cognitive Impairment, Knowledge and Attitudes
Among Drug Misusers Undergoing an Islamic Therapy in Maliysia

Lua, Embong,  Mohammed, Makhtar, Hassan, Jusoh & Abdullah

Functioning and needs of patients with chronic mental illness attending
a community mental health clinic in South India.

Jose, Ravindren, Kumar, Raheemudheen & Uvais

Challenges for the empowerment of young mental health service users
Gaivoronskaia, Steihaug, Adnanes

What prevents Readmission? Service user perspectives on what helps prevent
readmission to mental health hospitals

Daly, Opoku & Bohorun 

Psychological Assistance Tool Model for Foreign Students with PTSD

Animals as Icebreakers: A Pilot Animal-Assisted Therapy Group for Veterans
with Serious Mental Illness

Pollock, Williams & Gomez

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