What types of journals are available for Psychosocial Journals?

All journals that meet our publication guidelines are processed for the next step, which is the editor and the peer-review process.

What is an editorial and peer-review article in Psychosocial Journals?

Our editors ensure the accuracy, quality, and overall intellectual content of the peer-reviewed article, as well as oversee the review process to ensure it is thorough, original, legitimate, and timely. They are responsible for upholding the journal's mission and scope by selecting papers that make new, original, and significant contributions to the author's knowledge.

What does the inclusion of research articles in Psychosocial Journals mean?

We are an internationally recognized journal publication with ISSN1475-7192. Since its inception in 1997, has been publishing psychosocially related articles with the goal of providing the most informative and effective platform for the development and rehabilitation of vulnerable psychiatrically disabled people in society.

Do psychosocial journals publish in languages other than English?

We publish psychosocial-related articles in many international languages, But we charge the translation fee for this service and we see that the quality of the journal is maintained as to that in the English language.