Misconduct Assertions

Allegations of research or publication misconduct are investigated fairly and promptly by our panel of qualified editors who ensure that the article content received from our authors is legitimate and original in terms of its authenticity. Because fraudulent journals are of low quality, predatory journal publishers publish your article in low-quality and low-cited journals, making your research work more difficult to find and reach the reading community. As a result, the author's field of study researchers is less likely to be reached and explored.

Our editors will conduct a thorough investigation as soon as we receive information about the misconduct. The authors may be asked to provide supporting data, images, and other materials. To request an investigation, the journal will consult with editors and contact institutions or employers.

If an article is found to violate the journal's ethical publishing guidelines, such as duplicate submission, fraudulent records, plagiarized content, citation manipulation, false claim of authorship, and so on, the article will be rejected.