A Comparative Study on Repairing of Binding Material Discontinuity Using Cultured Bacterial Compounds

1M.K. Kamalakkannan, N. Atthikumaran, V. Aravind and P.B. Narandiran


The reality of the exploration work to define a special method of Binding Material in which included bacteria adopt Automatic-Repair of discontinuity. Modern Binding Material does commonly have few self-repairing ability which is due to more non-heated Adhesive material contents present in the binding matrix. These materials will undergo another hydration by discontinuity increases liquid resulting in made of new hydration materials which can cover or heal minor racks.. In this experiment we formed a bi-component auto-healing system which is made of bacterial spores which forms the metabolic conversion of natural spores to form calcium. This components stirred with the new Adhesive material Binding Material paste, that becomes an major part of the Binding Material. The research works shows the passing of water through freshly formed discontinuity activate present bacterial spores through diabolic activity of bacterial compounds make more amounts of calcium. The new biological -based bi-component material may shows a advanced class of Auto-healing process which can be used to binding material-based systems. The Auto-healing capacity of system is currently being qualified progress in a calculation of the raw products & durability of structure improves.


Self Healing, Bacterial Binding Material, Calcium, Bacillus Subtilus, Calcium Carbonate

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