Drowsiness Detection System Using MATLAB

1B.Venkatesh, K.Sudhakaru


Despite the fact that life is a wonderful gift, it is also riddled with danger. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents from occurring, safety procedures must be implemented. Automobile collisions have risen in prominence to become one of the most important sources of insecurity in contemporary times. Maintaining a high level of vigilance while driving is extremely important to avoid accidents.It is possible that even a single minute of negligence will have catastrophic implications. The vast majority of traffic accidents occur as a result of the driver's carelessness and inaction while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Consequently, the number of traffic accidents, particularly those involving automobiles, continues to climb year after decade. As a result of drowsiness,When driving, drivers become inactive for a period of time during the journey. It is probable that earlier detection of tiredness could have prevented a number of deaths if the condition had been recognised.It has been possible to develop sleepiness detection technology thanks to the employment of machine vision-based concepts and the assistance of these concepts. Exhaustion or drowsiness must be recognised in order to be properly diagnosed and treated.Using a small camera that is pointed directly at the driver's face and that recognises the driver's eye ball movement as it moves, the driver's performance can be monitored. At the absolute least, you shouldWhen the system does its initial detection step, it looks for the presence of a face, following which it looks for the presence of eyes, and after that it determines if an eye detected is open or closed. ChangesA difference in intensity in the eye leads the eye to narrow down in size, allowing the system to receive greater information.A system notifies the driver that he or she is becoming asleep at the wheel and that it is important to wake him or her up within a set time period.


Viola Jones algorithm, Hough Transform, Vision Cascade Object Detector, Image Acquisition.

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