Investigation of Properties and Dynamics Mechanical Analysis of Glass fiber Human hair and Coir fiber reinforced Epoxy polymer Hybrid Composites

1P.C.Vijayan, P.Ashok Kumar, C.Samundeeswari


This paper presents the study of the mechanical and water absorption characteristics of the Glass fiber / Human hair / Coir fiber reinforced epoxy polymer composites. G-H-C-G, C-H-G-C, and H-C-G-H reinforced epoxy resin matrix composites have been developed by hand lay-up technique with varying process parameters such as fiber condition. Tensile strength various from 42 Mpa to 56 Mpa, Tensile modulus varies from 48 GPa to 52 GPa, flexural strength varies from 46 MPa to 52 MPa, flexural modulus varies from 42 Gpa to 50 Gpa, shear study and fracture study was carried out. Effects of central open hole on the tensile strengths of the composites were studied by five sets of tensile specimens containing central open holes of five different diameters. Dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) was used to examine the dynamic mechanical properties of composite laminates with increasing temperature. The optimum mechanical properties were obtained in the treated fiber composite. Results showed that the composite sample, which has human fabric at the outer layers, has the highest storage and loss modulus. Besides, it was observed that glass transition temperature (Tg) of samples are close to each other and at about 75 °C. The fracture surface of the composite shows that pull out and de bonding of fiber is occurred.


Glass fiber / Human hair / Coir fiber fiber hybrid, mechanical, open hole, DMA, SEM.

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