The Role of Correctional Social Worker on Implementation Diversion Process for Children Facing Legal Issues

1Muhammad Ali Equatora, Eneng Imas Yusmiati, Herry Fernandes Butar Butar and Ambo Upe


This research explored of correctional social worker role in the implementation of the children in conflict with the law. As we understand the task and function of the Community advisers at the correctional hall (BAPAS) includes being able to develop community research, become a person who assists the client both adults and also children, become a mentor and become a supervising of his clients. In this study, the approach used is a qualitative method, with a descriptive approach where the research results will give an accurate picture of the role of the correctional social worker in the implementation of diversion toward children who faced legal issues the Indonesian correctional hall in the year 2019 has successfully implemented diversion program by performing the motivation Interview approach. The results of the research provided an overview of the role of community advisers, where the method of motivational interview techniques conducted by community advisers has made progress on the success of the child diversion. Providing four principles includes held in curating the attitude of empathy, the development of the disrepair attitudes, developing the approach of the implementation of resistance and the application of self-efficacy support can be a driver in the success of the child diversion.


Correctional, Social Worker, Diversion, Children.

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