Eyeball Movement based Cursor and Keyboard Control for Physically Challenged

1T.P. Rani, A. Bharathi, K. Suvathy and A. Priyanka


An Individual Human Computer Interface system using eye movement is introduced. Traditionally, human computer interface uses mouse or keyboard as a input device. The proposed system presents hands free interface between computer and user for physically challenged. The main objective is to control the Mouse & Keypad using Eye ball. It also verify the user’s authentication using Face Recognition. For Face recognition, Viola Jones Algorithm is used. Camera is connected with the system & mat lab is used for User Authentication. After successful authentication, camera is continued to scan User’s Eye ball movement. During this state of action, Our Physical Keypad & Mouse are frozen in order to stop user’s Key inputs. On-screen Keyboard& Mouse control is initiated so as to control those through Eye Ball movements. Mat lab software plays a vital role in controlling the on-screen Keyboard& Mouse. We will be using Java for freezing the physical keypad & mouse functionalities. Camera scans the Eye ball of the authenticated user and control of the mouse is achieved through the Eye ball movement. Alphabets are selected by Eye ball clicking for effective communication. The Physical keyboard control is released by Control, Alt & Delete keys. Mat lab is used for Face recognition & Eye ball control. On-screen Keyboard is initiated& freezing of Physical Mouse & Keypad is achieved by Java software.


On-Screen Keyboard, Face Recognition and Eye Detection, Web Camera, MAT Lab, Computer, Java, Viola Jones Algorithm.

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