Accessibility of Labor Woman in Urban Informal Sector (Study of Traders in Malang City)

1Darsono Wisadirana


The efforts to improve the welfare of the community through the empowerment of trader woman of informal sector in order to increase household income to be interesting and important to do. Empowerment of trader woman of the informal sector has an essential role in reducing the inequality of income distribution and providing a significant contribution in tackling the problem of unemployment. However, although woman has been able to provide income in the family, the patterns of household decision making are still dominated by men. In fact, it should be proportional to the accessibility of the decision-making pattern in the household. The purpose of this study was to 1) analyzing the motivation f woman labors in the urban informal sector 2)analyzing the experience of woman labors, 3)analyzing education, 4)analyzing the human capital, 5)analyzing the pattern of decision-making within the household woman labors in the urban informal sectors. This research was conducted in Malang. The population of this research is street vendors. Results from this research that the work motivation, work experience, education and capital are positively related to accessibility and decision making patterns of woman working in the informal sector household do not have a high accessibility, this is due to very strong culture of patriarchy in society.


Women, Informal Labors, Accessibility

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