Unbalance Source Voltage and Load Current Mitigation Using UPQC based on Power Impelling Optimization Technique

1R. Rajarajan and Dr.R. Prakash


Power quality is the most important one of the transmission and distribution system, in recent year the various power electronics devices is implemented so the load voltage is various and it cause different problems. The voltage sag, swell and harmonics is the power quality problem are presented, in this problem causes damages in the system load, so the power quality is improve in this system is very important. The Unified Power Quality Control is used to reduce the power supply problems it can be implemented based on proposed Power Impelling Optimization Technique(PIOT) it can attain the improvement of power quality in the power transmission system. In this UPQC system contain series and shunt converter to compensate the unbalanced voltage and reduce the problem like sag, swell voltage and harmonics of this system. The proposed system is getting the reference voltage and current value in the transmission line and analysis the problem of this process and give the proper switching to the converter via controller. The active power filter of shunt and series is used to reduce the loss in the transmission line and gives the quality power to the load. The proposedPower Impelling Optimization Technique(PIOT)is utilized to increase the quality of power and reduce the losses. This proposed system analysis in the Simulink software to get the result of this system, the simulation shows the system input, output voltage and Total harmonics distortion.


Power Impelling Optimization Technique (PIOT), Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC), Active Power Filter.

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