The role of job satisfaction as the mediator between human resource practices and employees’ performance based on the assumption of Adams’ equity at Saudi ports Authority especially in cargo section

1Mohammed Saud Mira, Dr. Yap Voon Choon and Dr. Chan Kok Thim


The ports of Saudi Arabia are considered as the most officious seaports in the Middle East. It has the leading and most expanded industry in the Middle East and plays a great significant role to increase the economics of the country. Saudi Ports Authority has nine main ports on the two cost of the kingdom, which achieved 95% of trading goods through the kingdom’s seaports and export share is 55%. However, cargo’s over stock is the major problem that just came up, which raise the expense of cargo’s handle to 200%. As a result, it reduces job opportunities and satisfaction in the employees of the cargo sector. Additionally, there is a lack of appropriate human resource practices. Therefore, our study takes a step to observe the effects of human resource exercise on worker’s performance and also the facilitating role of job satisfaction in the association between human resource practices and employee’s performance in Saudi Port Authority. Moreover, this study will validate the assumption of Maslow theory. A questionnaire based survey was utilized in this study.


Human resource Development, Job Satisfaction, Workers’ Performance, Maslow Theory, CARGO Section Saudi Ports Authority.

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