Implementation and Cost of Solar Power Plants for Household Electric Loads

1Suprianto, Muhammad Fadlan Sitegar


The solar power plants to serve household electricity is an alternative for electricity consumers and the government in the face of the threat of electricity crisis, the use of solar cells by the community is still very rare this is because people do not have accurate references about solar cell systems, so their use is often not accompanied by careful planning. This research aims to design a solar cell system for household electricity and determine the investment costs and savings made compared to using PLN electricity. The research method uses an experimental method that is designing and analyzing solar cell system costs for household electrical loads to obtain a careful analysis of the results and get a good design as planned. The equipment used is the photovoltaic modules, solar charge controller, inverter, batteries, control panel, household electrical loads, multimeters, luxmeter and digital temperature measuring device. The results showed that for household electricity needs of 3963 watt.hour, normally requires a 1300 Wp solar panel, 3 batteries with a capacity of 24 volt 200 Ah each, assuming 2 autonomous days. In this research, the solar power plants use 600 Wp solar panels, 1 battery with a capacity of 24 volt 200 Ah , and the solar power plants can serve 3097 watt.hour and investment costs needed Rp. 36,756,000.- with electricity saving costs Rp.41,871 per month assuming an electricity price of Rp 1352 / Kwh.


solar cell, design, investation, saving

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IssueSpecial Issue 2

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