Design Website for Job Opportunities for the Unemployed

1Noor A. Neamah


In our study we have seen a lot of the methods of global sites in providing opportunities for the unemployed, other sites until we finally get to this site which is in your hands and designed in the style of (web design) and accredited in international universities, as this site consists From a database of job owners, as well as a database of the system administrator who supervises and manages all events within the system and also a database of job seekers after logging in to the site for specialists who evaluate the experiences and report them to the system administrator for the purpose of accepting the person in the job or not. You now deal with four Parts where we discussed the following: Part 1: discussed the problem of research and what are the problems that led to the design of such a system. Part 2: though this chapter, it is disscussed the introduction to the web as well as to the bootstrap and also to the programming languages used in the implementation of this system, including the PHP language. Part 3: explained the system step by step starting from the registration stage in the system to the stage of review of the final results. Part 4: discussion the most important results from the use of the job search system for the unemployed and the comparison of the results with the systems used for this purpose. In addition, this chapter includes a summary review of the main recommendations after using the system.


web design, job seekers, database

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