An Investigation of the Problems Faced by Iraqi EFL Teachers in Primary Public Schools in Najaf

1Taqwa Rashid Juma'a


The main aim of the current study is to display the problems encountered by Iraqi English Foreign Language primary school teachers in Najaf / Iraq. The study attempts to reveal the factors that occur beyond the weakness in the process of teaching English as a foreign language and to detect appropriate proposed solutions to overcome such weakness. For achieve the aim of the research, a questionnaire of 20 items has been conducted to a sample of 150 teachers that represents (25%) from the total number in the city center from various ages, gender, teaching experience and training courses presented. On the basis of the statistical findings, Iraqi English language teachers in Najaf/ Iraq seem to face a variety of challenges in teaching English as a second language in public primary school ; the problem that has got higher percentage of (92%) indicates that "There are not enough training courses on language teaching". Teachers face difficulty in focusing on the four English skills simultaneously at the same time because of insufficient time for the lesson, lack of planning or because of the huge number of the students which makes things get messy. Yet learning how to behave in communicative classroom is important for achieving the learning goals. The problems which also get high percentage is about; (a) students use their native language all of the time instead of English as a foreign language in class and (b) the lack of basic components such as ventilation, lighting, and teaching supported materials for achieving successful learning atmosphere. The percentage of these items is (87%). The Iraqi English language teachers in Najaf have agreed on most of the problems and only four of them got percentages under 50%. These problems refer to: (a) inadequate experience in teaching English, (b) lack of care about feedback from students, (c) teaching due to the traditional way neglecting the communicative language teaching, (d) disliking the teaching career.


Teaching and Learning Language, EFL Teaching Methods, Teachers' Role in Teaching FL, Primary School Teachers, Challenges in TEFL

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