The effect of competitive exercises in developing the skill of shooting by jumping from within the three-point arc of basketball for the youth class

1Asst. Prof.Ph.D. Hussain Alaa Mohsen Al-Taee


We cannot overlook the athletic progress in various sports, including basketball at the Arab, continental and global levels, and Iraq is one of the countries that seek to achieve that progress, and this progress is a reflection of knowledge of different sciences and scientific research. Basketball is one of the group games that need to be developed through the competitive and physical aspects, especially as it is one of the fast-performing and tiring games due to the nature of its constantly moving and continuous performance, except for the legal stops that occur according to the requirements of the game, which requires that the player have a very high efficiency and physical ability that makes him Preserving his physical performance and his skillful ability to accurately shoot, so the development in the field of basketball that we observe through the achievements that are achieved and the level of remarkable performance performed by the players in competitions is the result of the concerted efforts of coaches and players in organizing training loads that affect the raising of the players' physical and skill efficiency, And sports training is not a science in itself to be able to achieve these achievements unless it is based on other sciences that help facilitate the path of success and establish it in a faster and better manner, as well as dedication to obtaining a high level by overcoming the complex movements that need high technical performance, Therefore, in order for a basketball team to be distinguished (skilled performer), its players must master competitive performance with a high degree of accuracy


Basketball is one of the group games that need to be developed through the competitive and physical aspects

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