On The Job Skill-based Servant Leadership Training Model for Principal Effectiveness

1Marinus Waruwu, Aan Komariah, Udin Syaefudin Saud and Endang Herawan


This research aims to (1) develop an on the job skill-based servant leadership training model in order to create effective principals in school management; (2) formulate the needs of the leadership training model for effective principals; (3) determine the effectiveness of leadership training model of on the job skill-based. This research used Addie's research and development method including analysis of demands, design, and development, implementation, and evaluation. The study subjects were principals. The results of the research show that (1) the training model is able to improve principal knowledge and skills. (2) model variation obtains good category value. Material experts give value by 83,2 %, with a reliable category, media experts give value by 82,0 % with reliable category and participants by 87,2 %, with a very reliable category. (3) results of the post-test show a significant increase from the results of the pretest by achieving mean by 79. Achievement of posttest increases from a value of pretest which previously obtains 62. (4) results of product trial through on the job learning obtain mean with a score by 4,06, (5) results of respondents’ response on training model obtain mean score by 4,13. Based on the study results, it can be concluded that on the job skill-based servant leadership training model for principal effectiveness is reliable to be used as the principal training model. The training model encourages improved effective service leadership competence for school management.


Service Leadership, Leadership Training, On the Job Skill, Effectiveness.

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IssueIssue 5