Student Well-Being in the Perception of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Students

1Esa Nur Wahyuni, Alfiana Yuli Efiyanti, Rahmat Aziz, Retno Mangestuti and Ali Maksum


This study aims to investigate students' perception of student well-being based on five aspects, namely having, loving, being, spirituality, and healthy. This study uses a mixed-method approach with a total of 541 madrasah ibtidaiyah students in grades 5 and 6 as research subjects. Quantitative data collection uses a Student Perception Questionnaire of student well-being, while for qualitative data obtained through interviews. The results showed that first, the majority of student well-being was in the high category. Likewise, in every aspect of student well-being, which includes having, loving, being, and healthy, it also shows a high level of well-being. However, in the element of spirituality, most students show a low level of wellbeing. Second, compared to the other four aspects, the loving aspect has a higher frequency. This result shows that the aspect of social relations (loving) in school as the most critical aspect of improving student well-being. Third, from a gender perspective, the results of the study show that the well-being of female subjects is higher than male subjects, although not significantly.


Student Well-being, Having, Loving, Being, Healthy, Spirituality.

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