The Prevalence and Causes of Syncope among Girls Aged from 18 to 25 in Taif University

1Fahad A. AlHummyani, Raghad H. Almusui, Hissa A. Albogami and Muruj M. Aljoudi


Background: Syncope has multiple causes including dehydration and exhaustion, heart conditions and blood flow obstruction. Objectives: this study aimed to measure the prevalence of syncope among Taif university students aged and its relation to some life activities. Methods: A cross sectional study was done on 204 students studying in Taif University who randomly selected. A questionnaire was designed to obtain information on syncope and life activities of the studied girls in the time from 2018 - 2019. Results: 56.9% of studied students had at least one syncope attack previously, and those students had a significant higher percent of those who always have prolonged standing, have excessive physical efforts, and who reported not taking their meals regularly. A non-significant relationship was found between students with and without previous syncopal attacks regarding their age, having health problems, having healthy diet, dietary supplements, hours of sleep, having a rest after a long day, suffering study stress, having personal or family problems, heavy meals, exposure to the sun, using umbrella for sun protection or using golf cars for transport from one building to another in the university compound. Conclusion: This study calls for paying attention to this health problem by the medical administration of the university and holding awareness campaigns regarding this health issue.


Prevalence, Syncope, Girls, Aged, Taif.

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