Implementation of Cash Waqf as a Solution for financing Almajiri System Education in Nigeria

1Aminu Yakubu, Azreen Hamiza Binti Abdulaziz


The Almajiri system of education is one of the great topics of discussion between the scholars and authorities specifically in the Northern parts of Nigeria. The system is one of the child neglect challenges facing Northern states of the country. However, the tradition of Almajiri system of education is preventing children from having formal education and accepted living standard which directs the children to bagging and hawking on the street. The purpose of this study is to investigate the causes of children neglect and its effect, and to introduce cash waqf as a means of sponsoring Almajiri system of education. The data for this study was collected through interview and was transcribed and arranged in themes to ensure that superior points of the responses are mentioned. The findings of this study show that the neglected children where in dreadful condition that has no excellent future, poverty and ignorance are the major tools that leads the parents to neglect their children on their early age. Therefore, the following are needed to take out these children from their dreadful condition. First is to create awareness for parents on the duties and responsibilities established by Islam towards their children. To formalize the Almajiri system of education which will enable the children to benefit from both the Islamic and western education. Implementation of Cash waqf will also serve as the solution for sponsoring Almajiri education.


Cash Waqf, Sponsoring Almajiri Education

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