Application of Fuzzy Delphi Technique to Determine the Elements in Sketch Module for Design and Technology Students

1Nor Anisah Ahmad, Ridzwan Che Ros, Arasinah Kamis, Raja Nazim Raja Abdullah, Norhafillah Abdullah


Sketching skills can enhance student’s creativity. However, it should be guided by a well-planned and systematic methods. The sketch module is one of the methods that can help students to master the sketch skills in stages. This study aims to identify the elements required in developing the Sketch module for sketching topic in Design and technology subjects. In this study, quantitative method had been implemented by using Fuzzy Delphi Method (FDM). A questionnaire consist of 9 elements was given to the 13 experts selected by purposive sampling method. The findings showed that the expert agreement on all 9 items exceeds 75% and all defuzzification values for each item exceeds the value of α-cut = 0.5. This means that all of these elements are accepted by the experts. Through the instrumentality of the module, it is hoped to enhance the sketching skills among student and will help them to be more confident in creating new things. Further study of the findings will be continued in the development phase of the Sketch Module.


Sketching skill, Fuzzy Delphi method, Design and technology

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