Psychosocial Support Assessment among Women Police force in India

1Dr.K.M. Ashifa


Women are an integral part of our society, but they are not given proper treatment in the society. There are prone to lot of discriminations and violence, since they are not aware of the steps to be taken against these acts. But some women go a step forward and try to approach police stations for justice, For this purpose the all women police station were launched in early at 1938, to create a fear free approach mind for women to raise voice against violence and discrimination. After the emergence of women police the normal women are enjoying safe and secured life. For the past two decades, the state of Tamil Nadu, India, has established All-Women Police Stations (AWPS) to focus exclusively on crimes against women (Srinivasan, 2013) Women police work for others welfare they face lot of issues and problems and themselves in society as well as physical and mental fitness. The women who joined the police force expected to play varied roles resulting into dual role conflict. The multiplicity of her roles brings a lot of confusion with regard to her role and status. The present investigation tried to find of the relations ship between psycho social support and socio demographic factor among the women police force in India especially the women police force in Virdhunagar district Tamil Nadu


Women police, Psycho social Support, Work life balance

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