Increased Interest among Malaysian Technical Students with Different Learning Styles

1Noor Azyani A. Jalil, Nurul Iman Kassim and Ahmad Rizal Madar


Learning style is an important concept and needs to be focused on education as it is a key factor in shaping an individual's quality. Every individual has different learning styles. The learning process of students will be practiced directly through their learning style. This study used quasi-experimental design with pre-post-test groups of unbalanced groups. The study sample was selected to carry out this study using the purposive sampling method. The students involved in this study were from Polytechnic Merlimau, Malacca and Polytechnic Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The findings show that students who are flipped learning experience a 97.9% increase in interest. In addition, the mean of the treatment group was 102.43 and the mean of the control group was 60.59. Active dimension students showed mean values of 82.26 and reflective dimension students mean 80.67. On the whole, students who engage in flipped learning tend to experience increased interest despite having active and reflective dimensions. In conclusion, students' interest in the subject of Electrical Technology 1 can be enhanced if students are aware of their own learning style. Accordingly, this method of flipped learning is proposed to be applied by the lecturers during the learning and teaching process to enhance the interest of students, especially technical students in polytechnic Malaysia.


Learning Style, Teaching And Learning, Flipped Learning, Student Interest

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