An Evaluation of Football Coaches and Players via Football Work-Based Learning [F-WBL] Sport Science Approach

1Md. Baharuddin Abdul Rahman, Irwan Mahazir Ismail, Harliana Binti Halim, Nor Asniza Ishak


This study aims to measure and evaluate the technical and understanding of coaches via Football Work-Based Learning (F-WBL) module [ISBN 978-967-0783-33-8] pilot test. The process involved three phases: Phase 1, the in formation of the F-WBL concept and items; Phase 2, the practical’s based on technics at stage 1 of F-WBL Module; and Phase 3, the actual study and validation of the Effective of understanding of coaches (14 coaches) and football players (17 players) by entering a test at the end of the process. The Competencies Based Analysis that focus on 2 main domains that includes; understanding (cognitive) of F-WBL technics & the Effectiveness (competencies) of F-WBL technics. The data’s shown that for the domain understanding of the process F-WBL for coaches at 100%, but for domain understanding of the process F-WBL for players at 53%. This data’s means that all coaches entering the course understand the concept but almost of players still not fix to full fill the maximum need of F-WBL trainers. Almost players should enter the next course to ensure they will meet the maximum standard of trainer for F-WBL need. This about quality of football player producing, so all players should more practice to ensure all technical knowledge at stage 1 they can achieve to meet the maximum quality standard of F-WBL competency needs. This F-WBL development based on understanding and competency assessment looks full fill the needs of football coaches and football player development in Malaysia. Hopefully this F-WBL module will works as new sport science instrument for football player development.


Football Work Based Learning [F-WBL], Football Sport Science, Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET), Outcome Based Education (OBE), Competency Based Assessment (CBA), Measurement & Evaluation, Performance, Skills

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