This Study Examines the Antecedents and the Effects of Knowledge Management and Information Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

1Baban Jabbar Othman, Farhad Al-Kake, MohdLizamMohdDiah, Bestoon Othman*, Nawzad Majeed Hasan


There is an extensive recognition that organizations and the contexts upon which they operate have significantly evolved from the industrial era. The potential-industrial market or environment is currently viewed as significantly different in several ways. In this age and time, organizations increasingly consider knowledge as a pivotal ingredient in the achievement of their competitive advantage. However, given the case-based illustrations and the anecdotal value regarding the consideration of an organizations competitiveness from a knowledge-based purview, there are significant claims from empirical studies that support these sentiments. Knowledge management (KM) currently remains a fundamental issue in an organizations business strategy. KM is therefore considered as a critical aspect of an organization given the fact that its proponents radically complement the business functions and activities of an entity. Given the fact that the new markers are currently focused on a knowledge-based form of economy, knowledge is therefore considered as a cardinal asset in the achievement of a firm's success among other assets that include capital, properties, materials, and machinery. Through a successful approach directed towards capturing knowledge, sharing, and creating opportunities for its use, industrial organizations remain at a better state of improving the process of learning in a bid to enhance their performance while equally creating possibilities to attain their competitive advantages. An organization learning the process, therefore, relies on its ability to engage in the collection and the integration of knowledge, behaviors, and skills which can enhance the process of learning and improving performance. This review paper will indulge several empirical studies conducted on KM in an effort directed towards drawing an understanding of its importance in organizations in this era.


Effects of Knowledge Management, Information Technology, Antecedents, Manufacturing Industry

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