Factors Affecting University Lecturers’ Adoption of Learning Management System (LMS) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Conceptual Framework

1Twana T. Sulaiman*, Anuar Shah Bali Mahomed, Mazlan Hassan and Azmawani Abd Rahman


Purpose of the study: This paper presents a conceptual framework underlying research on factors affecting LMS adoption in the Kurdistan Region universities. Although LMS has been widely adopted in universities worldwide, unfortunately, the adoption is still low in the Kurdistan Region universities. Methodology: This paper reviewed relevant literature related to the subject to determine the most significant factors influencing the LMS adoption. More specifically, four factors (organizational, social, individual, and technological) selected that might be valid for the study context. This study used Technology Accepting Model as the primary theory with the combination of the IS Success Model. Main Findings: This conceptual paper provides insights of variables related to factors affecting on LMS adoption. The main finding of the study show that organizational factors (facilitating condition, top management support, and top management policy), social factor (only subjective norm), individual factors (resistance to change and self-efficiency) and technological factors (service quality and system quality) might have significant link with preserve of use, preserve of usefulness and actual use of learning management system. Another finding of this study predicted that the actual use of LMS might significantly affect the net benefit (improving lecturers' and universities' performance). Applications of this study: This study proposed a conceptual research framework expected to guide KRI university leaders in understanding the most significant factors that must be addressed to adopt LMS among lecturers. Furthermore, understanding those factors might be useful for decision-makers in the Ministry of Higher Education in KRI to achieve Ministry's pedagogical strategy, modifying from lecturer-centered to student-centered pedagogy. Novelty/Originality of this study: No study has done before on the lecturer's influence in LMS adoption in higher education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Lecturer’s adoption, Learning Management system, DeLone& McLean IS Success Model, Technology Accepting Model, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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