The Role of Text Analysis in Political Translation with Reference to Kurdish and English

1Kawa Abdulkareem Sherwani* and Ahmed QaderMohammedamin


The current research study is an investigation into the role text analysis in the political translation, the method of conducting pre-translation process, and the way it influences the translated product, the issue of this research is that most of the translators do not consider text analysis or pre-translation analysis prior to the work of translation .Text analysis here means pre-translation process which is the most vital factor of the initial stage of translation ,as the quality of translation will be demonstrated good or bad depending on the way how exactly the pre-translation process is done. So all the obstacles and problems of translation will be solved by focusing on the challenging actions involved in the process of translation, the present study is an attempt to figure out and recommend real solutions to such issues. Pre-translation process is a process that contains many important actions before starting the translation. To enrich thia research appropriate journals, articles, essays, and books have been obtained and scrutinized in order to collect required data which were then analyzed through field interviews with professional translators. For this reason one speech of the ex-president of the United States (Barak Obama) translated into Kurdish by a translator and the mistakes of this translation is designated and the correct translation is suggested instead. According to the obtained results, the biggest problem is that few translators know about pre-translation process, which affects their work, leading to unprofessional distorted translations. The questions of this research are: do the majority of political translators give more attention to pre-translation process? Do most of political translators have a background concerning the text, the writer, and the purpose of writing this book, article or any written document and political context? Do majority of translators consider the political situation during translation? And the hypothesis are: Most of translators do not take the political situation into consideration. Majority of Political translators do not have a background concerning the text, the, and writer, the book, article or any written document and political context. Most of the translators do not analyze the text before the start of the Political translation.


Text Analysis, Political Translation, Pre-Translation Process, Pre-Text Analysis

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