The Impact of Attitude, Subjective Norm and Information Communications Technology on Knowledge Sharing among Academic Staff

1Talal S. Mousa, Alaa S. JAMEEL and Abd Rahman Ahmad


Knowledge sharing (KS)is essential to institutional success. however, knowledge sharing within organizations would greatly affect their efficiency, as it stimulates the ability of people to tackle problems within the organization. meanwhile, limited studies have been conducted in the Iraqi context to find the impact on KS among academic staff. Purpose of this study to investigate and examine the impact of Attitude, subjective norm and Information communication technology on KS among academic’s staff in Iraqi context. Methodology: The study conducted at Al- Anbar university among academic staff. 152 valid questioners have been analyzed by Structural Equation Modeling (AMOS), the questioners consisted of four main variables namely: attitude, subjective norm and Information communications technology as for independent variables, while the dependent variable is KS. Main Findings indicated that all the three variables have a positive and significant impact on KS among academics’ staff. It is necessary for higher education as a whole to have academics with the feeling of sharing their expertise without withholding any element or component owing to self-interest. Originality/Novelty: This research helps to enrich the body of Knowledge in Middle East nations especially in Iraq and higher education by examining the influence of knowledge sharing.


Knowledge Sharing, Subjective Norm, Attitude, ICT, Iraq

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