Job Stress and Emotional Intelligence among Police Officer at General Operation Force, Royal Malaysia Police

1Khairol Anuar Kamri*, Mohd Hafizuddin Mejah and Aizathul Hani Abd Hamid


Stress management and good emotional intelligence among police officer are crucial for the work environment that always shifting from time to time. This article purpose of study is to identify the job stress and emotional intelligence level among Police Officer at General Operation Force, Royal Malaysia Police. This study applied a quantitative approach through fieldwork research method. The research instrument that have been used in this study are the questionnaire that adapted from Schutte et al (1998) entitled Emotional Intelligence, and job stress survey from McCreary & Thompsom's (2006) as the key data collection instruments to address research question and examine the conclusion of past literature review. The location of this study was conducted at the Battalion 6 PGA Bakri, Muar, Johor. By using simple random sampling method, the sample size of this research is 196 respondents. Descriptive analysis of this research show that stress levels are at a moderate level while the emotional intelligence is at a high level. The implication of this study is that organizations need to emphasize intrinsic factors to employees, need to explain the role of employees in the organization, need to provide career development to employees and employees and management need to have a positive relationship.


Emotional Intelligence, Job Stress, Royal Malaysia Police

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