The Game of Youth: Forms of Civic Engagement among Youth around the World

1Khairol Anuar Kamri*and Aizathul Hani Abd Hamid


Civic engagements are important to the democracy sustainable. The forms of its activities is increasing from day to day but the traditional forms of political participant is remains as the most fundamental forms in civic engagement. This article present a variety forms of civic engagement among youth that found in the existing literature about youth civic engagement around the world. The systematic review process is guided by PRISMA Statement review method. The existing literatures were rigorously search by using Scopus as the main database. The result then categorized into nine theme which are organizational membership, volunteerism activities, online participation, electoral and political involvements, social cohesion, training and development, intellectual discourse, decision makers and civic attitude. These nine themes are elaborated to the 38 sub-theme of civic engagement activities. This article is the collection of all themes about civic engagement forms that existed around the world in six years latest research. Previous research usually just focused on the certain theme and may ignore other important forms of civic engagement. The finding from this systematic literature review article discovers varieties forms of civic engagement activities that close to the youth interest. By choosing the right forms, it will help develop good citizen behaviour among youth and lead to the peace building in society. Future literature is recommended by examine the objective of each forms and identified which forms is suitable for each country ideologies.


Civic Engagement, Democracy, Forms, Youth

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