The Influence of Entrepreneurship Characteristics on Attitude towards Knowledge Commercialization

1Mohammed NawzadSabir, Bestoon Othman*, Farhad Al-Kake and Wirya Rashid


Recently, universities are contributing to the economy through the commercialization of research and are also playing important roles in economic development, while simultaneously carrying out traditional teaching and research roles. However, universities must provide teachers with an environment in which they can engage in commercial activities in order to successfully transfer technology. In order to explore the commercial characteristics necessary to improve the marketing activities of research universities, which has received little attention in the literature. Therefore, to fill this gap, this study aims to explore the relationship between the entrepreneurial characteristics of university research academics and the attitude of commercialization of knowledge. A random selection of 94 teachers from the Polytechnic University of Malaysia examined the relationship between the characteristics of the company (i.e. Need for Achievement, Locus of Control, Leadership, Commitment and Determination Risk-Taking Propensity.). The results of the study show that leadership and self-confidence are the most important features of increased marketing. The study also found a positive relationship between all these features and the marketing attitudes among teachers. Therefore, it is recommended that university administrations improve the commercial characteristics of teachers in order to increase the commercialization of research activities.


Entrepreneurship, Characteristics, Attitude, Knowledge Commercialization

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