The Impact of Organizational Justice Dimensions on Organizational Commitment among Bank Employees

1Mohammed A. Karem, Alaa S. JAMEEL and Abd Rahman Ahmad


Organizational commitment has been acknowledged as a psychological state describing the connection between an employee and his or her organization, and this state means the choice to proceed or discontinue participation in an organization. However, limited studies have been conducted in bank sector to examine the impact of organizational justice on organizational commitment, especially in Middle East countries. Purpose: of this study to examine the impact of organizational justice on organizational commitment among employee bank. Methodology: The study conducted in Trade Bank of Iraq, Baghdad. data collection tool by questionnaire. 177 valid questionnaires have been analyzed by SPSS software. Main Findings: showed that all the three components of organizational justice, namely; distributive justice, Procedural justice and Interactional justice has a positive and significant impact on organizational commitment among bank employees. Implications/Applications: The research is useful to banks that face decreased their employees ' commitment and, make the banks less fear of decreasing employee allegiance to the bank and, on the other, allow it to accomplish its objectives effectively and efficiently. Originality/Novelty: This study contributes to enrich the body of knowledge in Middle East countries particularly in Iraq and bank sector by examining the impact of organizational justice on organizational commitment.


distributive justice, Procedural justice, Interactional justice, organizational commitment, bank

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