Causes and Impacts of Crisis in Kurdistan Regional Government Managing Natural Resources

1Rekurd S. Maghdid and Badariah Haji Din


Natural resources have formed a significant impact the economic growth and political stability, especially for the new governments. Nonetheless, lack of good governance of these resources creates political issues and economic crises. Kurdistan Regional Government(KRG) is one of the examples that is faced by issues and challenges because of lack of good governance of natural resources. Due to effectiveness of natural resources, many scholars conducted studies on the political, economic, administrative and legal dimensions of the natural resources. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss issues and crisis faced by Kurdistan Region due to KRG managing natural resources. The paper explains how KRG has started working in the natural resources sector and analyzes the political and economic fluctuations caused by managing this sector. Moreover, the main impacts of the crisis on the public and private of sectors Kurdistan Region are illustrated. Finally, the paper ends by designing some conclusions and identifying areas to be taken in consideration for further research.


Crisis, Natural Resources, Oil, Kurdistan Region, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

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