The Communication Pattern of Community based Organization in Preventing and Caring of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Bali

1Siti Karlinah and Ika Merdekawati Kusmayadi


Bali is a region in Indonesia that has significantly contributed to spreading HIV Virus to workers in various sectors. The workers' origins are from many areas in Indonesia, but East Java has the most significant contribution. Its data records from two Community Based Organization (CBO), namely Yayasan Kesehatan Bali (YAKEBA) and Yayasan Kerti Praja (YKP) in Bali. This research focuses on describing the model communication of YAKEBA and YKP as the CBOs in handling HIV/AIDS in Bali. It aims to reveal the method of YAKEBA and YKP in identified and described HIV/AIDS cases; as well as to reveal the model communication of YAKEBA and YKP in preventing and caring of PLWHA. The result shows that YAKEBA and YKP are taken preventive and curatives measures systematically in handling HIV/AIDS in Bali. The actions conduct with two methods, which are a mobile visitation and snowball toward the hidden population or key population (communities). The CBOs in Bali are employed model interpersonal communication with face-to-face methods toward People Living with HIV (PLWH). Moreover, to the LGBT communities, the CBOs utilize social media. As for the public, they apply group communication to promote and educate people on HIV/AIDS.


Communication Pattern, Community-Based Organization, HIV/AIDS, Model Communication, PLWH

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