Disaster Management Sekolah Rescue in Radio: Case of PASS FM Bandung Indonesia

1Dian Wardiana, Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, Sapari Dwi Hadian and Evi Nursanti Rukmana


Sekolah Rescue is an off-air radio program about disaster in Pass FM Radio. The existence of Sekolah Rescue in PASS FM Radio becomes more interesting when knowledge about the disaster in radio to practice to the community. Sekolah Rescue directly move to help the community when the disaster happened, begin with becoming a volunteer. The purpose of this research is the analysis the disaster management in Sekolah Rescue. The method in this research was case study method with qualitative approach, with in the collected data used observations in PASS FM Radio and Sekolah Rescue, depth interview to announcer in the PASS FM Radio and volunteer in Sekolah Rescue. The result and discussion in this research, in pre disaster process, Sekolah Rescue did the activity of early mitigation, education, and socialization, capacity building, and promotion. Early mitigation is steps in reducing the risks, education & socialization is giving training and disaster material socialization, capacity strenghten is increasing and developing the volunteer’s skill in form of training and promotion, are dissemination information from disaster mitigation. In the process of during disaster, Sekolah Rescue has a Team Perintis, management POSKO and emergency response. At the post disaster process, SR volunteers begin analyzing the activity result from pre disaster and during disaster through rehabilitation & recovery (rehabrecov) and monitoring evaluation (monev).


Sekolah Rescue, Pass FM Radio, Disaster, Cilampeni Village

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