Development of Creativity and Linguistic-Methodical Thinking of Students of Pedagogical University

1Alina A. Shakirova, Zulfiya F. Yusupova, Oksana V. Gordienko and UpelК. Kadyrkulova


This article presents the research materials on the modern and urgent problem of formation of linguistic and methodological thinking of students of pedagogical high school in the conditions of implementation of creative approach in the classroom and in independent educational activities. Creativity is considered as the ability to creative activity, is a necessary condition for the development of the creative potential of the student. In the traditional sense, the most important indicators of creativity are such qualities as the ability to detect a problem, generate original ideas, etc. the Creation of situations in the educational process that require students to make independent creative decisions, contributes to the development of creativity as a quality of personality. In this regard, in the educational process introduced such methods of formation of creativity, such as problem, stimulating the installation of self-discovery of new knowledge. The lack of theoretical information on the development of linguistic and methodological thinking of students, the imperfection of the methodological system of its development in the pedagogical University lead to fragmentary knowledge, which entails a lack of skills in mastering the disciplines of the methodical cycle of students, leads to difficulties in solving professional problems. Modern linguistic and methodological preparation of students of pedagogical universities is intended to increase cognitive and creative orientation to learning, therefore the study was created and implemented in the educational process theoretically grounded experimental methods of training of students of pedagogical University. The results of the experimental training showed that the creative component stimulates the thinking of students, motivates them to self-acquisition of knowledge, to their creative use in the solution of problematic professional (methodical) tasks, promotes the full assimilation of knowledge and the development of linguistic thinking.


Linguistic and Methodological Thinking, Teaching Thinking, Cognitive Linguistics, Creativity, Cognitive and Creative Development

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