Simulation of Forced Convection in a Pipe with Nano Fluids Using Ansys CFX Software

1M. Pushparaj and Jose Anand Vino


Conventional fluids such as water, ethylene glycol are normally used as heat transfer fluids. Various Techniques are applied to enhance the heat transfer. The low heat Transfer performance of these conventional fluids obstructs the performance enhancement. The use of additives is a technique applied to enhance the heat transfer performance of base fluids. Recently as in conventional heat nano fluids. The suspended metallic or non metallic nano particles change the transport properties and heat transfer characteristics of the base fluid. In this project we have considered the problem of forced convection flow of fluid inside a uniformly heated tube that is submitted to a constant and uniform heat flux at the wall. The heat transfer coefficient we analyzed at the same Reynolds number for both base fluids and nano fluids in the CFX software. The base fluids used for this work is water and ethylene glycol. The nano particles to suspended in the base fluids used for this work are a aluminum, aluminum oxide, copper, copper oxide and silver.


Nano fluids, Nano Particles, CFX

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