Preparation and Performance Analysis of CI Engine Run by Blends of Diesel and Biodiesel (Karanja Oil)

1V. Jose Ananth Vino, Ashish Patel, Arun Kumar, Abhishek Kumar and Ajay Yadav


Biodiesel is an alternative fuel of diesel, is described as fatty acid methyl ester from vegetable oil or animal fats. The main objective of our project is to reduce higher viscosity of karanja oil by Transesterification and to increase the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine. By using the biodiesel from pun gam oil, the performance test of biodiesel blend (B00, B10, B20,) in 1500 rpm and 5 bhp mechanical loaded CI engine is tested. By using different blends we have identified the engine parameters such as brake thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption, and total fuel consumption, brake power. In this finally we have resulted which blend is better and which consumes less Fuel. Biodiesel have the distinct advantages of being renewable, biodegradable, & eco-friendly fuel. During the recent years, in the field of alternative fuels especially in the area of Biodiesel, research has been extensively carried out and different samples of Biodiesel have been prepared considering the scope, availability and economics of various edible and non-edible oils. Biodiesel from Mahua, Linseed, Rice Bran, waste cooking oil, Crude Palm, Castor, Jatropha & Karanja have already been prepared and successfully tested in diesel engines & vehicles. Small capacity of reactors of 5 & 10 liters biodiesel were designed and developed also for experimental purpose. As per Ministry of Rural Development, the National Mission on Bio-diesel is proposed to be implemented in two phases. The first phase will involve a demonstration stage for plantation of jatropha on four lakh hectares, and associated research activities for establishing the commercial viability of the fuel. Phase two will involve self-sustaining expansion of the bio-diesel programme. The overall objective of the national mission is to promote the creation of national infrastructure for production of bio-diesel through cultivation of jatropha plant and processing of its oil.


Diesel and Biodiesel, Performance Analysis, CI Engine

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