Assimilation Result of Watermarking and Image Compression

1E. Kanniga


In these days’ digital international, trade of statistics is been held electronically. Therefore there arises the exceptional want for secure transmission of the concerned facts. Various practices like cryptography, watermarking, compression and so forth. Is common seeing that beyond few years? All these strategies were proved to be terrific of their respective paintings concerning protection. In this paper a brand new approach has been provided to provide safety at stronger stage. Here the two techniques specifically watermarking and compression are combined together to decorate the extent of security for statistics transmission motive. Here the watermarking the usage of DCT method is been combined with picture compression technique the usage of stepped forward adaptive Huffman encoding. The progressed adaptive Huffman coding approach is been based on Huffman set of rules. This new compression set of rules no longer most effective reduces the number of skip required to encode the records however at the same time reduces the garage area in comparison to adaptive Huffman and static Huffman respectively. The ultimate result Cozy records transmission


DCT Method, Cozy Records, Digital Watermarking, Image Compression, Improved Adaptive Huffman, Spatial Domain

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