Increasing the Solar Panel Efficiency after Production by Alternate Methods

1N. Lenin Rakesh, R. Srinath, B. Thiagu and R.L. Hari Govindhan


The objective of this project is to increase the efficiency of the solar panel by using the alternative methods and to utilise the maximum energy from solar energy. Generally the efficiency of the solar panel is about 16%. The solar energy is being wasted in enormous amount without converting it into electricity. There are different ways to increase the efficiency of solar panel. Water or any medium is used to decrease the temperature of the solar panel and maintain at ambient temperature which will help to increase the efficiency of the solar panel. The second method is using mirror in an appropriate angel which will increase the intensity of the solar rays reflect on the solar panel and increases the efficiency. The other method is to use convergence lens which will help to concentrate the solar rays to the solar panel and the efficiency increases. The common method is to have periodic rotation of solar panel according to the sun movement which will increase the time period of production for the solar panel.


Solar Energy, Solar Cell, Solar Efficiency, Isc, Area of Collector, Incident Radiant Flux, Voc, MPPT

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