Hybrid Two Wheeler [HYBYK]

1T. Purushothaman, V. Srinivasan and M. Francis Luther King


Fuel consumption is one of the most important aspect which has to be noted before selecting any vehicle. Reduced usage of fuel with high efficiency is a characteristic of good vehicle. With the increase in demand for fossil fuels, the need for a fuel efficient two wheeler has increased to a greater extend. Due to aspects such as cost and reliability, alternate fuels cannot replace fossil fuels completely. These efforts are mainly towards achieving a fuel efficient two wheeler, ‘HYBYK’ which uses both IC engine and an Electric drive. In a two wheeler, while traveling a short distance fuel consumption to power output ratio is comparatively less. Whereas an electric bike cannot travel longer distance but can cover short distance effectively. HYBYK combines these two properties and add as an advantage. Since HYBYK has both engine and an electric drive short distance can be covered with the help of an electric drive and longer distance with high fuel to power output ratio. Also the system gets considerably charged while running. If fuel gets empty electric drive is there to help in hand. Besides there is a static solar power module which can be used to charge the battery. Thus charging the battery becomes almost pollution free. In a country like India where millions of people flock in traffic and waste fuel, HYBYK would serve better. Thus with reasons such as reduced fuel consumption, less polluting, economic, HYBYK would be a promising technology to Global Green scenario.


Fuel Consumption, Less Polluting, Economic, HYBYK

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