Advanced Two Dimensional Spray Painter with Scissor Lift Mechanism

1R. Hariharan, Vishal Kumar, S. Sandeep, C. Arul Murugan and Dipankarkar


Painting is the operation of applying paint on the surfaces which are physically contacted and lie in the visual areas. This is done to protect the surface from rust, erosion, decomposition, etc., as well as to have good aesthetics. Different methods of painting system are used in modern technology in which one of the most common method is spray painting. It is used to produce a uniform coating and an excellent finish. But this can also be a tedious task and also the spray is hazardous. So the use of advanced system is needed for spray painting applications. This is because the machine can do the operation precisely and also it eliminated danger to human health. This project proposes the idea of using a double scissor lift arrangement to lift the paint sprayer in the vertical axis and a lead screw drive to move it in a horizontal axis. The scissor lift is used because it can be used to achieve a good height and also it is easily portable. The system is more compact and easy to handle and also with the help of electrical implementation it can be fully automated.


Scissors, Paint Sprayer, Hazardous, Fully Automated

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IssueIssue 3