Biped Robot: Balance Center of Gravity on Uneven or Smooth Terrain

1R. Hariharan, Muzammil Ahamed Palayam, A. Naved Ahmed, M. Musthafa Kamil and K. Mohamed Yasin


We present a system whereby the human motion is replicated so as to provide cost effective methods to move the biped robots in to the industrial age which is still tender with articulated and collaborative robots by using maximum of 7 axis freedom or motion and rover robots with less agility over lands of war to mimic human movements in battle zones. This led us to device a biped robot for better walking and balancing. Its mechanical structure including the joint configuration and specification, the structure of knee joint, the speed reduction mechanism in the servo motor by programming, and the mechanical cross bracing are used are described in detail. A specific control system ATmega2560 on the Mega 2560 (Arduino Board) for biped that is a serial and distributed network and consists of a microcontroller, bootloader, servo input and output pins, sensor input and output pins, TWI/I2C system. With the developed biped robot, biped walking and one-leg balancing and weight shifting while walking for better gate motion in 5000[ms] are implemented as basic and verification experiments for fast walking and balancing.


Human Gait Movement, Biped, Servo Motor, Robotics

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