Bank Employees' Competency Mapping on Organizational Effecti



The Indian banking industry is divided into two categories: scheduled banks and nonscheduled banks. All banks included in the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934's Second Schedule are classified as Scheduled Banks. Scheduled Commercial Banks and Scheduled Co-operative Banks are two types of scheduled banks. Banking is described as the commercial activity of taking and safeguarding money owned by other people and businesses, and then lending it out to execute economic activities such as creating a profit or merely covering operational costs.There has been a lot of discussion around competency mapping. A significant amount of money is invested, and consultants are engaged to do competency mapping. Competency mapping is gaining a lot of traction, and businesses are seeing the value of having effective human resources or placing the appropriate people in the right jobs.Organizations are becoming more adaptable in their quest of increased motivation, effective teamwork, and organisational effectiveness. Organizational effectiveness may be quantified in two ways: financially and non-financially. The term "organisational effectiveness" refers to an organization's ability to accomplish its objectives. The term "organisation effectiveness" is used to describe how well an organisation achieves its objectives. It reflects organisational development, profitability, and productivity, as well as employee happiness to some extent.This study aims to find out the relationship and impact of Competency Mapping onOrganizational Effectiveness among the Bank Employees in Cuddalore district. For that purpose, the independent variables are Competency Mappingand its sub variables are Basic knowledge competency, Emotional and Intellectual Skills competency, Interpersonal Skills competency, Leadership Skills competency, Personal qualities competencyand Dependent variables are Organizational Effectiveness and its sub variables are Talent management, Organizational culture, Performance management. This study is descriptive in nature and the data will be collected by using questionnaire by 380Competency mapping from bank employees inCuddalore district. For ANOVA analysis will be employed to conduct the analysis in this study. From the findings of this research we concluded there is a positive relationship and significant influence towards the Competency Mapping onOrganizational Effectiveness of Bank Employees in Cuddalore district.


Competency Mapping, Organizational Effectiveness, Bank Employees

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