Displacement and Identity Crisis in ASunlight on a Broken Column

1G.Jeevitha,Dr.Sheeba S.Nair


People are very much attached and deeply bound to their name, faith, family, social and religious customs, and also their place of birth. They develop oneness with the culture, the climate and topography of that area.However, peoplemove out of that area on various considerations, for example, for job, for education, for trade etc. This kind of shifting still keeps them bound to their roots. There is another type of displacement beyond the control of people, which compel them to move away from their roots and the place to which they belong. This dislocation may be due to natural calamities, famine, revolutions, communal tensions, racist attacks, war, partition of nations or riots, to cite examples. The first type of displacement cannot be called displacement per se. It may help people to reach financially better positions, through a successful trade or a well paid job. But the second type of displacement is cruel and affects the inner being, because it makes the displaced people helpless and feel like ‘fish out of water’. They take a long time to get acceptance, acquaintances and recognition before taking root in an alien soil or in an alien culture.



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