The effect of special rope training on developing agility, strength characterized by speed, and performing the counterattack skill (direct - indirect) in the sword weapon

1Dr.Isam Talib Abbas

1University of Babylon, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences


The goal of the research is to prepare special training exercises in jumping ropes and in the variation and diversity of the training units and from one starting line before implementing the training units in developing agility and strength characterized by speed because it is of great importance in most sporting activities and events, most of them, especially fencing, and every fencer must possess these abilities and qualities. Because it is one of the basic characteristics of the components of physical preparation The comprehensive and integrated preparation for this sport in accordance with the scientific method based on choosing the correct training methods and means is the success of every training work, and the principle of developing the characteristic of agility and strength distinguished by speed through training and linking them in precise performance in the implementation of any offensive skill or defensive counter-skill by both competitors has been used. The researcher, the experimental method, while the research community was represented by trained players participating in the Babylon University Private Championship, which was called (University Fencer Championship). The research community was (45) trained players in the college, from whom a number of (30) players were selected using the intentional method with the first thirty positions, and they were They were divided into two experimental groups, and after conducting homogeneity and equivalence and conducting pre-tests for them, the training was carried out for them for (8) weeks, each week two training units for (16) training units. After that, the post-test was conducted under the same conditions for them while performing the pre-test. The researcher used the statistical bag to analyze the values for the tests and they were Conclusions reached by the researcher: 1. The jumping exercises had an effective impact on the players. 2. The intensity of these jumps and movements and the type of jumps used had an impact on the level of players’ performance. 3. These exercises brought about development in the agility, strength and speed of the fencing players.


Rope, training, agility, strength and performing

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