Perceptions of success and its relationship to the level of achievement in fencing

1Dr. Isam Talib Abbas

1University of Babylon


Success in the sport of fencing requires many mental, physical, and motor abilities that every fencing player must possess. Through teaching and training in fencing, I found that students in performing any skill must possess many of the abilities and skills that are required of them in performance, and that they have the drive to succeed, but the challenges and fear of injury and failure determine their achievement, and it is the competition between them that makes them overcome those challenges, which prompted the researcher to study and verify the level of achievement through their perceptions of success. The research aims to identify perceptions of success and its relationship to the level of achievement in fencing among students trained in fencing. As for the research hypothesis, there is a relationship with a significant effect between the perception of success and the level of achievement with the fencing sword. The researcher used the descriptive approach with correlational relationships. The research community was identified (135) trainee students. The exploratory experiment was conducted on (24) trainee students from the research community, and the purpose of the experiment was to know the suitability of the tests to the level of the sample, knowing the time required to implement the test, knowing the possible errors and working to avoid them. As for the main experiment sample, it was chosen randomly by lottery with (24) non-experimental trainees being distributed to them. The scale contains (13) items on perceptions of success, as the researcher concluded. A significant correlation was found that there is a relationship between perceptions of success and the level of achievement among the sample of respondents. There are perceptions of success for the trainee students that were identified through the competitive capabilities that they possess among themselves, which made them reach achievement.


Perceptions of success - achievement in fencing

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