The effect of jogging training with central axis resistance on some anaerobic capacities, Vo2max index, and 400-meter running performance under 20 years of age

1Dr. Mohammed Ebadi Abid AL-Khafaji

1Iraqi Ministry of Education


The research touched on the use of resistances added to the central limb of the body to develop the special strength endurance of the general muscle groups in the lower limb in particular, and the resulting development of the special anaerobic capabilities and the Vo2 max index, in order to bring about the required physical improvement and demonstrate the extent of the impact of these exercises on some of the anaerobic physical capabilities specific to the performance stages. He ran 400 meters, which is related to the rate of special speed, speed endurance, and special endurance, as well as revealing and contributing to the development of achievement. The researcher used the experimental method and identified the research population in a deliberate manner, consisting of young 400 m runners at the Sports Talent Center affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who were (10) under (20) years old. They were divided into two groups with (5) runners for each group. The first group carried out anaerobic training. By adding resistance (weighted clothing) to the central axis, and leaving the second group to their daily training, the experimental group carried out force-Endurance exercises for the various muscles of the lower axis limb by adding weights to the limb. These exercises took two months, with two training units per week, for a total of (16) training units, and the researcher arrived at A number of conclusions, the most important of which are that all anaerobic capabilities, the Vo2 max index, and performance have improved as a result of the exercises used.


Vo2 max index, central limb, central weights, anaerobic capacity

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