Bengali Children’s Fiction Is A Cultural Tradition: An Analytical Study

1Md Samsul Alam Molla

1Aliah University


In terms of cultural tradition, Bengal is one of the leading places, where innumerable cultural heritage are spread in different times and places. Among such traditions, children’s fiction is considered as one of the significant traditions in Bengal. Generally every child is a citizen of the world by birth. Initially they have no nation, religion and not even any particular language. When they grow up, they start creating all kinds of division and difference. At first they learn their language from their mothers, fathers and near ones. Mental and physical growth also develop day by day. Besides intellectual ability, imaginary power and other creativity progress simultaneously. It is often we see that a child who is reluctant to eat, listens to the story very eagerly. Even he does not feel tired hearing the same story again and again. Usually, grandmothers and grandparents are the main storytellers. They take their grandchildren in their lap and tell them all kinds of stories and tales very interestingly. Most of these stories were created and spread orally. In the same way, Bengali children’s fiction is considered as one of the extremely rich and important part of the main stream literature. It included a lot of stories, rhymes, poems, plays, tales, Folktales, Folklore, fables, legends, myths and many others oral traditions, which existed in India as well as in Bengal as our cultural tradition for centuries. It has a long and prestigious background that has stretched over various stages and periods since ancient time.


Children’s fiction, Bengali children’s literature, cultural tradition, Folktales, Myths

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